Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Teacher treats...

So, do you remember elementary school? Did you have a bazillion teachers? I'm a bit in shock at the sheer number. So, in my previous post I mentioned that my eldest son's class has 22 kids, right? Okay, let's back track a bit...

Eldest son was 2: 2 teachers, 1 aux. teacher (music), 8 kids
Eldest son was 3: 2 teachers, 1 aux. teacher (music), 12 kids
Eldest son was 4: 2 teachers,1 aux. teacher (music), 16 kids

This brings us up through last year.

Now, this year, the bunnies, they're a multiplyin'....

Youngest son is 19 mo: 2 teachers, 1 aux. teacher, 8 kids
Eldest son is 5: 1 teacher, 6 aux. teachers, 1 VERY NICE NEIGHBOR THAT DRIVES HIM TO SCHOOL EVERY MORNING because the BUS comes to *#*$!!#$?! early, 2 Martial Arts teachers (I forgot about these... he reminded me... I had to scramble yesterday to fix that!), 22 kids


Can you imagine what will happen in 4 years, when 2 are in elementary? Ok, so most of you
probably already have this "problem" but remember I'm an engineer and numbers are part of my makeup! ACK!


Good thing I started these projects a while back. No, actually that's not the GOOD thin
g... the GOOD thing is Papertrey's tins. OMG. WHAT a life saver AND SUPER QUICK! Thanks Nicole and the Papertrey gang. Your simplicity is exactly my lifestyle (or maybe it's exactly what my lifestyle needs at the moment!).

Stamps: PaperTrey's Spooky Sweets
Paper/CS: all SU!
Ink: SU! Only Orange
Accesories: PaperTrey's Tins (4 oz square clear top tin)

Thanks for looking (and listening :))!


Michelle Clark said...

OMG those are just too cute. Your son needs to be in my class!!

Rhonda Maynard said...

These are so nice!! Those tins can add up and be a bit pricey!! How generous of you!