Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin patch!

My son's kinder class had their first field trip on Tuesday. It was to the pumpkin patch at a local nursery. The nursery happens to be RIGHT NEXT door to the elementary school. How cool is that? The lady that owns the nursery is awesome! She has a little outdoor classroom (covered) - just right for kids! She talked about all of the different pumpkins. Then she brought out her bird. WOHOO. I, even, held it. I had this look of fear on me though. Not surprised are you. Yeah, me either. My next door neighbor was there and lucky-for-me she got a picture of my "trying-to-be-calm" self holding the cock-a-too. Anyway, what does this have to do with crafting? Well, my fellow A Muse sister, Michelle, aka crazystampchick happens to be a teacher in her other life. Of Kindergarten. Funny, eh? She took her class to the pumpkin patch (in Georgia) last week. Must be the thing to do with kindergarten! She, of course, stamped some cute thank yous for the parents that helped with her class. Here is her card. Now, I had to copy her. Well, no, I'm not the teacher. Yes, I'm one of the parents. But come on... stamping is in my blood and I have to compete with her, don't I? :P It's a healthy sort of thing... I think ;).

So, I made some thank yous for my teacher to give to the other parents. I wasn't really there to "help" since I had my 19 month old with me. I just went as a spectator (and picture taker!). Anyway, here's my card.

I told my son's teacher not to give me one. Really. I try to give handmade cards as gifts for baby showers, etc. and sometimes I get them back as an official thank you. It's nice to know they are getting used but I'd rather someone else get the "joy" of getting something "fun" rather than wasting it on me! Do you ever receive stuff you've given as gifts?


Jennifer Moore said...

Yeah, I decorated tins and put dividers inside with 6 homemade cards inside (3 thank you and 3 birthday) for mother's day gifts. Well, my mother-in-law sent me one of the thank you cards recently. It's kinda weird getting a card in the mail that you made, even though she wrote on the inside.

Katie said...

I give packs of Thank you cards for baby shower gifts all the time and it seems like I always get one in the mail. I'm like, "cute but I've already seen this, send it to someone else!" Haha!