Thursday, October 11, 2007

Albino Squirrels?

Have you ever seen an albino squirrel? Well, have you seen two? It's a rare occurrence around these parts, I think.

This was the same day, same vicinity. Maybe they are brothers? If you are from the Austin area, this was over by Korea House (yum!).

We've seen albino squirrels before but never two together.


Tracy said...

Wow Geeta! This is amazing. I have never seen an albino squirrel. =)

Jan Scholl said...

I remember the first time I saw a black squirrel. all I had ever seen was the reddish brown one. I love to watch them going thru their day. My dog I think is afraid of them but my other dog used to chase them all around and run them up the tree. they would cuss him out for hours.

Kim said...

Oh how strange..never seen one of those before!!!