Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No tricks, just treats!

Halloween! Time to make some stuff for those little goblins that live here and their classmates! Whew! With the toddler in preschool this year and the big one in Kinder... the number of treats MULTIPLIED! I had make 30 this year! ACK! And teachers... well that multiplied, too but that's for another post.

For my preschooler, I did 3 small tubs of play-doh. I seem to keep buying that stuff and forgetting that I have it! So, they all will get 3 tubs this year. I decorated the lids with my cute A Muse Halloween images! :) I love the little pumpkin baby! So cute!. I wheeled some small craft bags with the SU! Batty for You wheel. Quick and simple!

For my kindergartener, the inside holds spider rings, an eyeball ball, and some (you guessed it!) play-doh! Gotta get rid of this stuff! I didn't decorate any of these items.... have you seen 22 five-year olds OPEN stuff? Stand back... I wheeled white lunch bags with the SU! Spooky skyline wheel and called it done.

The real trick is how to get all 22 bags with my child to school... I think I'll have to take them up there when I go later in the day tomorrow!

My advice to you... know your audience. Even if it's going to be super-cute, don't spend a lot of time and money on stuff for kids! The packaging gets torn into and thrown away! I wanted cute but I really wanted FAST!

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Rhonda Maynard said...

Such fun bags of goodies! You have gotta be one of the most generous people i know!! You got a lot on your plate girl!