Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christmas Card Challenge - let's discuss, shall we?

Well, I've talked to some of you about this. And some of you have had questions... I'll try to explain it more here. The challenge is something you do at your home. You make 10 cards each month starting in February and ending in November... do the math, that's 100 cards that will be completed by November 30th. So, what if you don't need that many? You can still start in February and just do the months that you want (let me know which months you do). For example, you only need 50 cards, then start in February and go for 5 months, through June. Or start in July and get done in November. The idea here is not to stress and just get them done little by little. As added incentive (like getting your HANDMADE cards done early isn't enough incentive!), each month, the first person (that has told me they are doing it that month) to get done with their 10 cards will receive a small prize from me. In addition to this, every person that gets done with their 10 cards each month will get their name put into a drawing. Then at the end of November, more like Dec. 1st, I will draw one name and that person will get a basket of goodies. All prizes are unknown at this time :)... All of this works on the honor system... you tell me what months, you make the 10 cards, you tell me you did it --- that's it. So, sign up in the evite (email me if you need the evite again). Just think THIS is the year that you can make your handmade cards - everyone will be so impressed AND you won't be stressed out!

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